Matt and Joe & Mistletoe

mjmareExcerpt: Matt and Joe & Mistletoe

by H.D.Nels

Chapter One

If there was a downside to his assignment, Matthew would be hard-pressed to say that it was working the evening shift. Even that really wasn’t such a bad thing. During his decade with the company he had worked all the major holidays except Christmas. It looked like that last hold-out was about to fall. He only ever spent Christmas at home with his parents and he would miss them this year. However, being an adult, it wasn’t unexpected that this would happen. Especially since, according to his grandmother Ana, he seemed to be avoiding finding his soul-mate. She was emphatic that it would be real and last a lifetime. His grandmother had a gift—an insight into things that would happen. He had never known her premonitions to be wrong as he wondered if this person would be older and gifted with male organs.

Another round of grumbling brought his mind back to the current situation with his unwilling partner. He realized that it was fun trying not to laugh out loud at the constant scowl on the face of his temporary work mate. Matthew made a mental note not to prod the angry tiger—soft and squishy for sure, but a tiger none the less.

Matthew Podiluk was a thirty-two year old agent with Private Investigations and Security, a multinational firm that specialized in tackling organized crime and terrorism activities. It had strong ties to many central governments, in part because of an amazing success rate, but also due to the personal connections of the owner, Alexander Michaels.

Matthew’s current case was to find the criminal gang members that had infiltrated somewhere along the chain of Calgary emergency responders. These guys tipped off colleagues when someone was hurt or killed, who then went to rob the victim’s home. The boss wanted him to find the point men, and with his field medic training from his days in the army reserves, it would be easy to fit in as an Emergency Medical Technician. Although they weren’t sure yet whether these guys were in EMS, police, fire department, or even in the hospitals, it was decided that he would start there. They based him in the northeast quadrant where most of the action had taken place recently. After their briefing from the shift master, Matt climbed into the cab with his new partner, Edwin Kersch.

“Where are we headed? Are we just going to drive around until we get a call?”

Kersch looked over with a deeper scowl and Matthew chewed on his lower lip to restrain the laugh that threatened.

“Normally we stay in the station, but we have a few things to do. Don’t know why they switched us up. Richie knew our routine.”

Matt shrugged. “Being new on the job, I don’t question the chief when I’m told to do something.” They pulled out and drove towards a popular coffee shop. It was the start of a routine punctuated by calls to respond to emergencies in their quadrant of the city.

During his alone time, Matthew regretted putting all his energy into career and none into finding a life partner. He seldom did the casual fuck thing. Having been born and lived most of his life in rural Manitoba, he hadn’t really had a lot of opportunity to meet other gay men. It seemed that the only guys really interested in him were younger. His tastes leaned towards the more mature. Still, at thirty-two, he was in fine shape and looked a few years younger. Small comfort when one was alone. He logged on to a website boasting silver daddies—not that he was into role-playing. Matt loved everything a mature male had to offer, but only those who took the time and effort to keep their bodies looking sleek and trim. He knew there were guys who loved bears and he would never look down on them for that. His preference was for someone more along the lines of a fox—a silver fox.


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