Damaged Goods by H.D. Nels

Damaged Goods by H.D.Nels

Releasing on the 31st August, 2017.

Harold Dugan’s boyfriend flipped him off and told him to keep out of his life. His wife said it was the final straw and filed for divorce. He suffers from PTSD.

His life is a total mess.

An abusive past keeps him from making the right decisions. He turns to alcohol and cheap tricks in the local gay bar. Then Ryan Winfield sweeps into his life and he is totally unprepared for this man who has different ideas of how a relationship should be. Ryan is not a one night stand. Not a cheap trick. All he wants is to show Harold how love can transcend a horrible past. True love. Will Harold allow Ryan into his life? Can Harold love anyone other than himself?

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Skinning Snakes

Skinning Snakes Cover 2 copySkinning Snakes

A Writer’s Guide to Self-editing

Subscribe to CoolDudes Publishing before the 1 January, 2017 and get your own free PDF of Skinning Snakes. Reap the benefits! This guide explores the secret to writing GREAT fiction.  Once you know it, your writing will astound even your muse. You’ll learn how to use action and sequel and we reveal how deepening works.  You’ll learn how to reduce and omit habit words, repeated words and more than this, there are lists of amazing verbs and adjectives to enhance your writing. Read our section for writing gay stories, manuscript preparation and our full Inhouse Style Guide.  Writing fiction should be fun. This guide is not intended to bog you down with the gory details; it’s there to help when you lose direction.