Young Adult


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For all YA (Young Adult Submissions) and Young Adult Fiction, please be aware of the following guidelines.

We will not accept stories with pedophilia, incest, rape or profound violence, bestiality, copyright infringement, or any manuscript with a word count of above 60 000 words. We do not accept Fan Fiction.  Please don’t send first drafts. We will accept original, feel good romance, tight thrillers, scary horror, fabulous fantasy … we need not go through every genre here, but you get the idea.

We will accept simultaneous submissions, but please keep us updated if another publisher accepts.

It should take us 7 days to assess your work, not 3-8 weeks like some publishers.  That’s the advantage of being small but BIG. Our royalty rate is 40% to you and that’s net, after sales. We don’t offer advances because we’re not buying your novel from you. You maintain your copyright. If we accept your manuscript, the rest is in the contract.

Please ensure your manuscript has been beta read and edited.  We will not accept manuscripts that have not been edited, please do not send us an unedited document.  However, if we do accept your edited manuscript, it will be re-edited before publication.

All the rest is easy.  Take a look at our submission guidelines, and please post your initial query through the form we have supplied.

YA is here to stay.

So let’s do this.