Witches’ Woods by A.T.Weaver

Witches’ Woods by A.T.Weaver is her new offering under the CoolDudes Publishing imprint.  Get the eBook Kindle version and the paperback version from Amazon.  Also from Smashwords, and the CoolDudes Publishing Website.

In the late 10th century, a magical portal was discovered between a grove of oak trees in Ireland and a grove of redwoods in what would become the state of Oregon. Since then, the Fitzgerald family of witches has guarded both ends of the portal. Now, an unscrupulous developer and a corrupt governor plan to raize the redwoods known as The Witches’ Woods and build an exclusive resort. It’s up to Sean Fitzgerald and his family to save the trees and protect the secret of the portal.  James Buckler has been sent to oversee the removal of the woods and build the resort. Two things stand in the way of a relationship between him and Sean. First, he has never admitted, even to himself, that he’s gay. Second, he doesn’t believe in witches.

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