Hit Man Run

About This Book

HMR-Cover-Final-for-webHit Man Run

by Rob Damon

 On a chilly March night in central London, male escort Toby Colton enters a hotel to meet a wealthy client. Little does he realize that his client is on a hit list and, at the end of the night, he is running through the streets in a desperate attempt to escape death. But, no matter where he runs, no matter how carefully he covers his tracks, he comes to realize that the only way out is to confront the assassin.

Troubled by the dark eyed witness, but careful to keep the loose end a secret from his boss, hitman Brock embarks on a personal mission to seek Toby out. Uncertain of his own future, and struggling with latent desires, he finds himself torn between lust and duty and an intense attraction for Toby.

Will Brock be able to escape his brutal life and find peace? Is Toby prepared to meet his death? Or will he become as dangerous as Brock and take matters into his own hands? Both men must face their worst fears in order to survive…

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