Submission Calls

Xmas 2018

We’re searching for short stories that are well written.  Stories that will fill our readers with the joy of the festive season.  Uplifting stories.  The established gay couple who have hit hard times and receive a gift from an unknown source.  The lonely guy who has nowhere to spend Xmas and meets the man of his dreams but he has loads of baggage.  We want compelling love stories, adventure, and coming of age. 

General Call

We want plot driven stories featuring at least one gay male main character. While we do wish to see a romance element within the stories, we do not require the story to have romance as its primary focus. We prefer a happily ever after, but realize that love is often bittersweet, so a happy for now ending is also welcome. We prefer submissions to be at least 30,000 words and no more than 80 000 words. Stand alone titles are welcome as are series and we welcome both first time and established authors. If a title has previously been self published, it must be removed from distribution before we will consider it.

 You, Me, and the Stars

Space ships, alien worlds, galactic conquests… we are looking for quality science fiction with well realized worlds, exciting plots, good character development, and while there should be some romance, it doesn’t have to be the primary focus. Submissions should be at least 30,000 words in length and no more than 80 000 words.

Down in the City

Skyscrapers. Wharf fronts. Shopping malls. Gritty urban fantasy worth sinking teeth into. Vampires, dragon shifters, wizards, fae, thrillers and more are all welcome. Submissions should be a minimum of 30,000 words and no more than 80 000 words. Whatever the story, it should contain an element of a romance, though it doesn’t have to be the primary focus.


Contemporary Romance

Any setting, as long as the world is our own and it’s set in this era. We are looking for tales featuring two men in love. New couples, established couples, friends to lovers, Love comes in all shapes and sizes and we want their stories! HEA or HFN stories preferred and the stories may contain dark themes or be as sweet as candy as no two love stories are alike. Submissions should be at least 30,000 words and no more than 80 000


Young Adult

We firmly believe that youth are our future. We’re looking for positive stories featuring LGBT youth main characters, aimed at readers 13 and up and 16 and up. Please include an  intended age range with your submission. Stories can be set within any genre, and romance can be secondary. So whether it’s a young person running for his junior high student council while realizing his first real crush is another boy, or a college student finding the love of his life, we want to hear about it. Stories should be a minimum of 20,000 words.

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