We would love to see the following:

  • Manuscripts with a strong M/M (male/male) element.
  • HEA.
  • Heartfelt romances filled with angst.
  • Thrillers/Paranormal/Fantasy/Crime/Adventure (all genres)
  • Literary works.
  • Complete short stories.
  • Complete Novellas.

What you get:

  • A  media pack
  • Full Copyright
  • Manuscript formatted for Kindle, Epub, Mobi and PDF
  • Cover art
  • ISBN number


  • We prefer work that has been edited and polished.
  • We follow the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) strictly.  And we are proponents of the Oxford comma.
  • If the work does not meet our minimum standard of quality, or if Author fails to do the required revisions we will reconsider the contract.
  • We are a publishing house and as such, we cannot compromise our good standing in the publishing community by publishing anything less than the best quality work.
  • Our editorial team abides by CMOSS as well as our own Inhouse Style Guide.  If you do not follow our editorial team’s suggestions for edits we have the right reconsider your contract without notice.
  • As with all publishers, you, as the author, do not get to dictate Inhouse Editorial changes or changes based on CMOS



  • Publisher reserves the right to reject the work and reconsider the contract if Author fails to meet deadlines.


We do not publish the following:

  • Rape for titillation.
  • Incest for entertainment.
  • Pedophilia for entertainment.
  • Bestiality outside of the ‘shifters’ realm.