Where is CoolDudes Publishing situated?

We are based in Germiston, South Africa, about 20km from Johannesburg and 1600km from Cape Town.

I have written a 105 000 word story and wish to submit to CoolDudes Publishing, will you consider it?

We did consider long novels in the past, however, it is a time consuming effort to read and edit long novels. We would prefer novels up to 80 000 words. If you insist on submitting a longer manuscript, ensure that it has been edited to perfection, or break it up into a sequel. Refer to our CMOSS question below. Our editors simply do not have the time to edit epic submissions.

I have written a short story. May I submit it to CoolDudes Publishing?

Of course you may. Please use our submission form on this website. Depending on the length of the short story, it may not be possible to publish it as a print copy, but we will most certainly publish it as an e-book.

Short Stories word count: 10 – 25999 words

Novellas word count: 26 – 45000 words

Novels word count: 45 – 80 000 words

I have written a novella, may I submit?

Yes. We love reading short novels. As long as it conforms to our publishing program, we will definitely look at it.

How long does it take for CoolDudes Publishing to express an interest in the story I submitted?

From as little as 6 hours to two weeks.  But if you haven’t heard from us by second week, please do politely enquire.  The address for enquiries is: info@cooldudespublishing.com

My story has not been edited, will you supply me with an editor once you have accepted it?

Unfortunately we cannot consider stories that have not been edited, either by yourself or by a professional editor.

Please do not submit an unedited first or second draft. We would prefer to read third and fourth drafts. 

If we accept your story we will edit it as per OUR Inhouse Style Guide.  For EU and UK submissions, we base our ISG on the Oxford Manual of Style, and for American submissions we base our editing on the Chicago Manual of Style. Our ISG is not negotiable.

If you don’t want us to publish, but would like us to edit your book, please contact us for pre-editing (at a cost) at this address: info@cooldudespublishing.com,  and we will send you a quote.  However, please understand, although we might pre-edit for you, we will not publish your book as we offer free editing to all manuscripts that we accept.  Please state clearly in your communique to us that you are only submitting for pre-editing.

You expressed an interest in my story, now what?

We will notify you that we have only expressed an interest by email.  We will hand your story over to a beta reader who will read the work and give us his/her opinion of the story.  If it does not meet with our standards for any reason; too long, grammar is shoddy, plotline  is weak, then we will return it to you as rejected.  We will include a brief critique of your story and ask that you resubmit, if you are willing to accept our critique,  at a later stage.

You have accepted my story, now what?

We will inform you by email that we have accepted your story. We will offer you a contract for 24 months.  Once you return the contract, it will then be developed for public consumption.  We will edit your work and supply you with a book cover, and an ISBN.

How do I know when the story will get published?

You will be in constant communication with the company.  A date will be released to you either on signing the contract, or at a later stage during the editing. Please do not harp on a publishing date, we can only publish once the editing, cover work  and formatting has been completed. Do not expect instant publishing. Some publishers take up to two years to get your work out. Remember, we must plan ahead and so must you.  We would preferably publish after six months. But a lot depends on that, like time to edit the work. Short stories take less time to edit, and novella’s also.

Do you promote my work or must I?

YOU promote your work by making use of blog tours and reviewers and social media.  We will submit your work to our subscribers and, at times (not all the time),  use social media to advertise your work. We will not find bloggers and reviewers for you,  you must make a commitment to promote your own work. It is stipulated in the contract. Please do not ask us to submit your work to a site that requires payment for reviews. We are not in the print market. Please do not ask us to supply you with free print copies to send to your reviewers. We will supply you with the following formats: PDF, Mobi, Kindle, HTML and Epub. We are, after all, an ebook publisher.  We will publish print copies for POD only. We will supply you with 1(one) free proof printed copy, and one free copy of the book once you are satisfied that the POD printed book is perfect.

When are royalties paid out?

We pay out royalties twice a year.  (45 days after June 30th) and (45 days after end November). This means that we count 45 working days after June 30 – you will recieve your royalties by the 1st week in August and by the 1st week of February. No advances will made.

Why are your royalties based on net sales and not list price?

These days virtually all publishers pay royalties based on the NET price of the book.  That is, the retail price less VAT and less discount to trade.  So what does this mean to the publisher? On e-books, the preferred retailer is Amazon.com. Amazon sells the book and takes their percentage. The royalty after that percentage is then paid out to the publisher representing you. The publisher then takes his cut of the Amazon payout. It’s as simple as that.

If the book is sold through Paypal on our website we will pay you royalties based on the listed price.

In what currency am I payed?

You are paid in dollars no matter where you are based. If you are based in the South African region, we will pay you in ZAR.

Do I have any say on what goes onto the cover, title and text?

Very few publishers will relinquish control over such serious matters. The best we offer is the undertaking to consult with you.  This aspect is covered in our contract.

What territorial and language rights do I have?

You retain rights to publish your book in any language.

You have offered me a contract but I don’t see a clause for first option on future books.  Why?

Never sign a contract with that clause. What if you cannot stand us? What if we cannot stand you?  No, we will not demand that we have first option unless we negotiate after your first book is published.

What about audio books? Do I retain copyright on audio books?

Unless you wish to do your audio book through us, then it will be stipulated in the contract. But we won’t publish audio or foreign language unless your sales are 500 or more.

I made a huge error. I used a full paragraph from another book because I like the way that author wrote it, better than me. 

Please do not plagiarize another author’s work.  This is covered in our contract.

My story does not fit in with many publishers, will you consider it?

Yes, we will consider it.  But consideration is not acceptance.

My story contains descriptive references to rape, will you consider it?

Unfortunately not.

My story contains lustful sex on every page. Will you consider it?

Unfortunately not. All submissions must have a story arc. A beginning, middle and end. The sex must be in context with the story.

I have submitted my work to several publishers and waiting for the best offer, will you consider it?

Yes, on condition that you supply us with the names of the proposed publishers.

My story contains bestiality out of the realm of shifters, will you consider it?

Unfortunately not.

My story contains abuse and violence against woman / and children and is descriptive, will you consider it?

Unfortunately not.

My story has sex in every chapter, the sex does not fit with the story, will you consider it?

Unfortunately not.

My story contains descriptive details of pedophilia, will you consider it?


I would like an advance on my story. 

We don’t give out advances.

Will you make a book trailer? And do I have any say in the trailer?

We make a trailer for our own marketing campaigns.

What Style Guide do you follow?

We follow the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) strictly.  And we are proponents of the Oxford comma.

As a Publisher we reserve the right to reject the work and terminate this contract if you fails to meet deadlines, if the work does not meet Publishers minimum standard of quality, or if Author fails to do the required  to our Inhouse Style Guide. If you would like a style guide, we will email you one.  It is a lengthy document, only study the areas pertaining to you.

Do I have a say in the overall look of the book?

As with all publishers, the publisher has complete say on the overall look of the book.

Do you publish MFM (Male Female Male)?

We do not publish MFM unless there is a strong main character depicted as bisexual leaning strongly towards male, with a clear cut m/m romance.

Do you publish works for Lesbians?

We are, first and foremost a publisher of m/m fiction, if your f/f story is compelling and publish worthy, we will consider it. The same applies to transgender, metrosexual and gender fluid stories.